Celebrating Scooter

LgeBnnrScooterScooter is now seven years old! She was two years old when we adopted her from Friends of Strays Animal Shelter in St Petersburg, FL. They gave her the name Sweetie. We wanted to change her name, and it took us two weeks to agree on the name Scooter.

She spent most of her time in a cubby under my desktop.

She spent most of her time in a cubby under my desktop.

But maybe it was not the best name! The day after naming her Scooter, she disappeared from the condo we lived in. She either escaped when Geoff opened the door to go to work early that morning, or she decided to exit via our 2nd floor balcony. We will never know for sure.

I posted lost cat signs all  over and many hours were spent trying to find her. The weather all week was rainy with intermittent hours of sunshine.

On the seventh day, the condo manager called to tell me he might have seen her in the foliage in front of the building. I ran out to find her but she was not there. It was getting late and the rain started again. I had to keep looking. Was it her? Where was she? Surely a cat would not stay outside in the rain.

Where did Scooter scoot too?

Where did Scooter scoot too?

Our building had an attached parking garage but she was not there. There was a lot of thick foliage around the building – maybe she was up against a wall? I stuffed myself between foliage and building and started walking.

I finally heard a little ‘meow’! “Keep going,” I told myself. Then there was another. And then I found her perfect hideaway.

For some unknown reason there was a very small opening at the base of the building. She peeked out at me but when I reached out my hand she went back in. I quickly called Geoff to bring down a can of cat food, a spoon, and a small blanket. A cats gotta eat sooner or later, and I sure hope it is sooner!

Scooter was wary of the situation, but she was hungry and tired. She came close enough to smell the moist food so I put a little on the spoon and held it out to her. I only had to wait a short while before she wanted more and came out of her hideaway. As soon as she had eaten a few more small bits of food, I got a nice hold on her, wrapped her in the blanket, and gathered all the implements of kitty capture. Since this episode, I call her Sweetie more than I call her Scooter.  And, I will not even take a guess what her third name is.

Happy7ScooterJust a note: Since Scooter’s disappearing act years ago, I have probably called her Sweetie more often than Scooter. Whatever works, right?