No Questions but we got answers

3catsBannerLge1.24.14 In between the computer, internet, and programs going wonky on me, I had the pleasure of meeting Nancy, the pet psychic who has read for several of my friends and fellow bloggers. We had a wonderful conversation made special by her psychic abilities and her love of animals.

Before our phone conversation, Nancy received three cat photos from me: Scooter, Russell, and Alice from the Palace. The photos were her only connection to the kitties and me. Nothing was mentioned about my long battle with the electronics, but I have a strong hunch Nancy picked up on it. My spirit was pretty well drained, and she chose to relate what the cats think of me. It was very uplifting and I will share it here. I just wanted to let you know it came straight from Nancy. Well…and the cats. 1.24.14Scooter4Psychic

Scooter was first. She will have her 7th birthday in April, and she came to live with us when she was around three years old.

Nancy: Scooter is a leader and more of a loner. You mean the world to her. As a leader, she is always looking for new possibilities. She is magical. You bring her joy. I am very confident she is part of the sunshine in your life. Scooter can be standoffish and is very determined in everything she does.

My comments: Any mention of my importance to Scooter is great news! I also reacted immediately to Scooter as a magical being. I had to tell Nancy how she sings opera in the middle of the night, has almost perfect pitch, and ends her production with a one cat chorus of “meow, meow, meows” in  which she pronounces the “m’s” perfectly. Seriously! I so want to get this recorded.

Next up – Alice from the Palace PostedAliceInBag Alice from the Palace was only two months old when we adopted her. It had been a very long time since we had a kitten in the family. Wart, our strange and lovable man cat of 19 years, had passed on. Scooter was alone, and since she is still young, we decided to get her to a kitten.

Susan was first in the row of cages. I had that “special feeling” but we had planned to adopt a black kitten. I moved along and played with some of the black kittens, all so adorable. Just as I narrowed my choice down to one, I realized I was feeling “watched” the whole time. I turned around and there sat Susan, staring silently at me the whole time. A decision was made and Susan, now Alice from the Palace, became our newest family member.

Nancy: Alice feels like you are her real mother. She is adorable. While you were making your decision, there were two others who had their eyes on her. She views you as someone who is cheerful and attractive, warm and outgoing. She loves your warm and sunny disposition. She depends on you more than the others.

My comments: Alice is our Court Jester. She has brought tons of laughter into our lives. I was taking notes as fast as I could, and I don’t think Nancy mentioned this. In retrospect, something else came to the fore, and maybe that is why….

030Fisher Fisher came up and I think her presence took over. Well, really, I would swear it did. I believe Nancy knew it might be hard for me, but she made it fun and she described Fisher perfectly.

Nancy: You and Fisher are still connected. Fisher is very artistic and likes to communicate. She is very enthusiastic, dramatic, exciting, bold and daring. Takes risks and then makes a big splash!

My comment: All of the above is so true. She was also notorious for her stubbornness. That could easily have been what Nancy meant when she said dramatic. It did not even occur to me that I have not done much watercolor since Fisher left. It is time for a meeting, Fisher. OK? We’ve got to talk.

And then along came Russell.

Post1.24.14OpenEyesRussell We were told he was around two years old. Our new big orange cat with the shiny green collar surely has the luck of the Irish. We will celebrate his birthday on St. Paddy’s Day.

A little back story on Russell – He was rescued by a sweet young woman who convinced her mother they should keep him. They were in a terrible accident and subsequently had to move from their townhouse and could not keep him. I offered to keep him until either my neighbor decided she would take him, or I would find a new home. The new home became our home, much to our joy. The two women are recovering and have become our good friends.

Nancy: He has the most beautiful coat. His eyes match the color of his coat. He is very witty and has lots of confidence. He is about 18 months old. Russell is very honest and plays by the rules. He is very direct and open in all his feelings. He has seen a lot and he just wants to belong. He looks at you as big hearted and nurturing. He will be the most loyal of the three cats. I feel he was meant to be with you.

(Aside: I asked Nancy if she had any insight into his past, before he was rescued wandering around a neighborhood and full of fleas. No one responded to serious attempts to find his owner.)

Nancy: Russell lived with a young couple who had a small boy and two dogs. He left on his own. He ran away because of the dogs. He appreciates you and you are forming a beautiful bond. The bond will lead to something very good on your blog – lot’s of fun for you. You are the Empress, tender mothering, and he knows you are that way with the others and he understands that. He feels this is a lavish reward for him. He appreciates beauty and gives and receives pleasure, which will increase.

(Aside: I mentioned Russell talks a lot and seems to end some sentences with a question mark. I told Nancy I talked to Russell that day and told him I would try to understand what he was saying.)

Nancy: Pretty soon you will understand what he is talking about. Even the domineering Scooter loves Russell. Russell would make the most beautiful visiting cat – a therapy cat.

From there, we continued our conversation, not as reader and subjects, but as two friends. I mentioned Glogirly and her orange tabby, Waffles, who is becoming a therapy cat and was also a subject in one of Nancy’s earlier readings. Of course, Nancy remembered. She spoke very fondly of them and talked of Waffle’s therapy cat plans. Maybe Waffles and Russell can compare notes sometime. How cool would that be?

I really enjoyed meeting Nancy and highly recommend her! You can get more information at Pet Psychics. Really, it is a lot of fun.

I Have Lived Long Enough to Know…


when a current year of not so great experiences is ending, good things start happening. It is a sign of things to come in the new year, and I am already off to a great start.

I will soon embark on what I view as my perfect job. It all started at a pet event. As I walked around meeting people and talking about my project,, I stopped at a display with a product that excited me beyond any expectation. One thing let to another. (More about that next month.)

Through my connection of co-worker and friend, I now have the pleasure of introducing you to the new man in our house!. Everybody. Meet Russell the Cougar-Cat, formerly known as Cougar! RussellIntroBlog1

After our first official business meeting, Angela, Graphic Artist, asked me if I knew anyone who wanted a cat. I told her my neighbor might be interested. Then Angela mentioned she was making changes in residence and with her daughter off to college, she was not able to keep the cat. She was also moving very soon. She said she would send me some photos.

My neighbor was ill and the deadline for decisions was coming up fast. Plus, now that I had the photos (love at first site), I said I would “foster” Cougar until my neighbor got better, and she could decide if she wanted a cat or not.

The second day with this marvelous kitty in our apartment, I decided I better let Geoff know that if our neighbor would not take him, I wanted to keep him. It was a pretty easy conversation. He said, “I knew from the first mention of the cat, this was going to happen.” What a guy! He started talking about names. I said I was keeping an open mind in case our neighbor wanted him. (talk, talk, talk – really?) Big2YrOldRussell

If you read my previous post, ‘Guess Who has Their Tail Furs in a Bunch?’ The answer is Alice from the Palace. She spent the first two days hissing and spitting at this big boy. All is well now, though. She is enamored with him. Did I mention Russell is huge?

Case in point: IntroRussellSize
Just as a reference, my drawing table is size large, and the file folder you see is the standard 12 inches long x 9 inches high. He measures from nose tip to tail tip over a yard long.

Scooter was aloof but she is starting to interact now. She finally figured out ignoring him is not going to make him evaporate. All is well in our tree house and the antics continue. My neighbor said no – Russell is ours. I will write again later with updates. Life is good!