Like Sands Through the Litter Box Repost


During the last several weeks I have dealt with several email/internet/brain drain issues. It started around the time I reveiwed the Litter One disposable litter box. Shortly thereafter, I lost email and visitors. I just wanted to share the review again in case you missed it, because I love the product. Please accept my apologies if this is a repeat for you.

Attending BlogPaws 2013 was a huge plus for me. Not only did I meet real people behind the pet blogs, I also met some of the real pets! The opportunity to learn more about blogging, animal welfare, and social media was outstanding. The benefits of attending the conference are more than anyone could guess unless they have been to a conference.

One of my favorite parts was the Cat Lounge, a room set up just for companies who have cat products. I honed right in on one specific product, Litter One, where I discovered a sturdy, long-lasting, and disposable litter box. It is indeed unique. I quickly connected the product to our future plans of traveling with our cats via over-the-road, for instance, a road trip to BlogPaws 2014!

Amanda LeGaux, representative for Litter One, sent me a follow-up email to see if I would like to review the product. Cats traveling in van, sleeping in Hotel/motels, and sometimes at campgrounds need a litter box and I need one that is convenient and easy use – so of course I was delighted.

Litter One – ‘Each self-contained litter kit contains a disposable scoop and waste bags and uses pine litter, a green alternative to traditional clay litter that is both safe and chemical free.’

  • The two phrases that really prompted me to give it a try were self-contained kit and disposable. I was not looking forward to the pine litter, but what the heck. The overall quality of everything used is excellent. Self-contained is 100% correct – no extra supplies needed.

Litter One – ‘The Litter One Litter System is unlike any litter box on the market. Each is equipped with a unique method for the removal of cat urine from a litter box. The all-natural pine litter pellets are designed dissolve into sawdust when they come in contact with urine.’

  • This was originally the one reason I thought I would not like the product. I used pine pellets once in the past and did not like it at all. But, curiosity always wins with me. Now I want to rave about the quality of their pine litter. No tracking, no sign of any cat urination, and it remained a clean box for five weeks.

Litter One – The false floor allows the sawdust to fall through the perforated bottom of each box. This effectively makes scooping cat urine a thing of the past. It also keeps your cat from stepping on soiled litter and provides a cleaner, happier environment for both you and your cat.

  • One hundred percent true! I have to admit I periodically lifted the box just to check the floor. In the five weeks of using one litter box – never any leakage! And here is the kicker – no smell whatsoever!
  • They include a cardboard litter picker upper for the #2 deposits. I did not think that would last a whole month, but in the end, it was still good as new. My only thought on the scooper was I wished the holes were slightly bigger so I could scoop faster, but that is really because Alice appointed herself to help me clean the litter box.

When Litter One uses the term “all inclusive”, they could have easily said they “thought of everything”, right down to the baggies to use for disposal. They smell great! I even tested that by bagging the #2 in their bag, and putting into an open wastebasket over night – no sign of odor at all.

The Litter One product 100% decomposable litter box, scooper and waste bags. Even the glue that holds the box together is natural and eco-friendly. Litter One also comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee to return your money if unsatisfied.
You can get $5.00 off your purchase by clicking this link.

Disclosure: This is not a paid review. I received the Litter One system for the purpose of this review. All opinions in the review are my own, and I was not obligated to promote Litter One in any way. Both cats were curious and readily made the switch from their regular litter to the Litter One system.

Cats test a rat


I joined the Baby Patches’ Tester Team after visiting NipandBones products on the internet. Their wide selection of pet products was impressive and the prices are excellent. I recently received our first assignment and Scooter, Alice and I started testing the boca rat cat toy!

Both cats took a few sniffs at the packaged product and quickly determined they could not free the toy. I took the boca rat cat toy out of the bag and my first impression was, this is a quality product. The toy is made from all natural materials, including a soft, real fur body, with soft suede leather for the head and tail. I can tell you that after all the rough and tough play, the boca rat cat toy has not lost a hair, ear, tail, or whisker.

Now, most cat people realize it is almost impossible to second-guess a cat, but I will give you my thoughts on each reaction anyway:

  • Scooter, a five-year-old female, took a more nurturing approach. I am not sure if she has ever encountered an inanimate “real fur” critter or not. We adopted her and have no knowledge of her past. She is also dieting and a little crabby. In any case, she seemed to want to bond, but not play.
  • Alice, almost five months old, is a little pistol and loves to play. She will chase a tennis ball all over the apartment. If there were such a thing as a soccer team for cats, she would be the captain. She spent some time trying to get the rat to run so she could chase it.

I came up with a plan that worked very well for both cats. When you watch the video, you will see the huge amount of energy Alice put into playing with the rat, and periodically continues to do so. She plays and attacks until she is worn out and needs a kitten nap.

Scooter is extremely happy with the boca rat cat toy because Alice leaves her alone. It is a win-win situation! See for yourself:

Disclosure: We received the boca rat cat toy free from NipandBones because we belong to Baby Patches’ Tester Team. The boca rat cat toy was sent to us for purpose of review. As a reviewer, we get to keep the toy as compensation. The opinions expressed in this review are our own and not influenced because we received the free toy.