Not your average box

LgeBnnr.R.MoreThanJustToyboxWe were recently introduced to a wonderful company called The Natural Pet Company, and asked to review some of their cat toys. What fun!

RustleChecksStashRussell, who is the most polite cat I have ever known, stepped up and pretty much took over the review. He was thinking outside the box, but literally inside the box for most of the review. It is a Russell-sized box.

1R.A.IntruderAlertScooter and Alice participated with playtime once the Catdad came home from work. He is the Number One playtime enthusiast.

2All3ScooterGoalBut, even the Number One playtime enthusiast has to take a break once in awhile. Playing with the feather wands and fun games of catch with the other cool toys would start all over soon enough.

3R.comebackandplayI decided to see how the cats reacted to the large bag of catnip they included. Everything about the packaging prompted me to think, this is no ordinary catnip. Russell was ready to test the product.

4R.kittyCatnipEcstacySeriously, this is exactly what I expected! As stated by the owners, their “catnip is grown in the cool shade of the Rocky Mountains in Canada, where the air is crisp and the water fresh. We believe that it is this incredible environment that makes our catnip so fragrant and completely irresistible to cats.”

The Natural Pet Company started as a hobby for Eddy and Joe. The two cat lovers were creating toys for their own cats, and their friends coaxed them into building a company with their cat friendly, eco-friendly toys. You can visit The Natural Pet Company on Amazon, here. I highly recommend them for the quality, the fun, and the care that goes into the cat toys.

Disclosure: I was asked to revue products from The Natural Pet Company and I was compensated with product for the purpose of the review. The above opinions of the products are my own.



When is an insult a compliment

AliceCatsDon'tAlwaysCareDo you ever wake up at some ridiculous hour and your mind starts having a party with your past? It happened to me at 1:30 AM today, and it was not going anywhere good. I had a major disappointment lately and I knew I would not get back to sleep because once I get started on the would’ve, should’ve and AlicewatchestheClockcould’ve, things can go downhill in a hurry. I will leave that story for another time.

I really want to tell you about the unrelated insult event that barged into my mind as I decided more sleep was not an option.

Years ago a very close friend decided I had crossed a line and she was livid. So much so, that she marched into my office at a company I was working for as a temp. She proceeded to scream at me (so it seemed) for about two hours (so it seemed). I finally stood up behind my desk and she realized it was time to end her tirade.  Are you ready?

In her most hateful display of anger, she blurted out, “…and YOU! YOU ARE JUST LIKE A CAT!”…and she left.

The message as I see it: I can land on my feet.



Cats as great equalizers

AliceBehindShadeBannerAs many of you know, I have been besieged by internet problems that started six months ago. My dear cats stayed with me through it all. Alice (above) chose to watch my angst from behind the blinds. She was as confused as I was.



Scooter camped out under my drawing board wondering what the heck I was going to do next. She threw in her two cents worth periodically but was careful not to upset me more than I already was.



And then there was the ever calm Russell. He seemed to know everything would be alright sooner or later, so what’s the big deal. Take a nap!

What they didn’t know was in that same time period, both of my cameras quit on me and this last week my cell phone quit working. What a grand finale to my self-sabotaging dance!

With my limited technical knowledge, I confess I made many mistakes. All three cats helped in their own way to get me back up and running again. I learned to add a little more skepticism to a little less optimism. Alice from the Palace taught me I cannot hide from problems. Scooter taught me that if I am going to stay in this game, I need to either learn the proper steps or get help. And Russell taught me that when things get tough, just take a nap and know everything will turn out fine.

I remembered a plaque given to me long ago (for good reason). It reads: “Trust everyone, but brand your cattle anyway.” If I had remembered that, I would have saved a lot of money and time instead of trusting a site on the internet to “clean up my computer.” Or I never would have gone to a Big Box store a few months later to have them “clean up my computer.”  I would have done what I should have done in the first place – ask a trusted friend in business for a recommendation.

All better now, Alice.

All better now, Alice.

I now have an IT guy! He was able to fix things remotely. I could watch every step of the way, at a very reasonable price and off the charts great customer service. I cannot resist sharing him with my friends. If you are having problems or know someone who is, please comment or send me an email and I will be happy to give you the information.

Oh yeah, and whatever happened about the cameras and phone? I now have a fancy new phone, known for its great camera. This is one new learning curve I am happy to have. Life is good!