#2 Clear Case of Who Dunnit

3.28.14LgeBnnrSRAAnother mystery to solve based on three active cats in a fairly small apartment. I usually get up in the wee hours of the morning, get a cup of coffee, and head to my office. Just after turning on the overhead light, I found myself gazing at a strange configuration of wood.

#2awhodoneitphotoIt was very old, and somewhat rotted, and just plain creepy. All the who, what, where’s came to mind. Which of the three busy cats – who always keep us guessing – took part in this caper?Scooter crashed out

First suspect, Scooter, was passed on very quickly. She already has her hands full polishing her IT skills via the use of cat dad’s computer.

No accusations for this kitty today.

1aRussellThinkingRussell and Alice from the Palace are definitely suspects. Was it one, or both…and who masterminded it?

It sure looks to me like Russell is doing some plotting and planning. He is a smart one! This is not his first rodeo.


Here he is whispering to sweet, innocent Alice – or is she?

The two of them are inseparable and Alice is starting to mimic Russells’ behaviors. Like, for instance, he is the smellingest cat I have ever known. I don’t mean that he is smelly – he just has to smell every object he walks past.

1cAandSplanNow Alice has to give everything she passes the sniff test, too. And if Russell comes up with some mischief to do? I doubt Alice could “just say no”.

It does appear that these are the two hooligans who were digging up my office!


For the most part, Alice bobbles her head a lot in an effort to understand what is going on around her.

She always tries to be a good girl, but I fear she has come under the control of the master Russell.1eAssuranceRand A

Russell offers her all the assurance she needs. If he thinks something is OK, then surely it is.

It took quite a while before we figured out where the ancient piece of wood came from.


This is a corner in my office where we discovered the carpet was pulled up. It is just impossible to think what their reasoning was, but I am sure they felt successful in their caper.

I am pretty sure I cannot reason with them, so I came up with a plan to thwart further digging – I hope!2WhoDoneItSecurityMeasure

I have a lot of golf balls that are not getting used these days – they will some day. But for now, I will use them as a “carpet weight”, I guess you would call it. If they decide to pick another spot, I have many more golf balls, and I am not afraid to use them!



6 thoughts on “#2 Clear Case of Who Dunnit

  1. HAH! Does be surprised if they play with those golf balls. Pop brought one home and I batted it around but it made too much noise so he took it back. I’m glad you found where the wood came from but I think termites not cats. MOL!

    • OMC! Termites? I should have kept the ugly photo and turned it into management. Hmmm…I chose the golf balls because they never did play with them. Maybe I will remove the barrier to see what happens next…besides nightmares, that is.

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